Pickle Time!!!

Pickle is proving to be as stubborn as his/her mom. He/She simply refuses to take position… and being this close to the date, it is a little worrisome. However, after the initial stress that I played around with, I have come to terms with the fact that pickle being part me ( well almost whole… considering I literally made the teeny weeny thing), will do whatever suits his/her fancy and will not budge,  whatever we do.

I finally started my maternity leave ( after a shit load of struggle) and have come to enjoy this time at home. Also I have suddenly realized the bajillion things that still remain to be done. Last weekend, since we were not really celebrating Diwali (given my dislike for crackers and the fact that pickle might get too startled with the noise), we decided to dedicate ourselves to some massive spring cleaning.

After almost a million disagreements ( all of which I won), we have finally managed to rearrange the house according to my whims and fancies. Poor T had to drag around heavy loads around for the whole day before I was totally satisfied with the placement. Of course it was not easy!!! I had to continually play the pregnancy card. ( It is how I first pouted and claimed that if I wasnt pregnant I would have done it myself… and then simultaneously launching into a guilt-cum-self pity mode where I would berate myself for putting T through this whole hectic activity. and if nothing worked, my hormones came to my rescue by providing me with fresh batches of tears every single time things didnt work out!!!).

Anywho… now the house looks awesome and the room designated to be Pickle’s nursery finally looks clean enough. Since my mom would literally strangle me if I buy anything for the room before the baby’s here, I will have to wait to decorate it. Once done, I shall share the same with you!

Well… After almost a week of continuous monitoring of T, I am exhausted…

Pickle was happy-dappy throughout all this. With parts of pickle jutting out at different angles, we are becoming more impatient for the date!


2 thoughts on “Pickle Time!!!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Awww that is so sweet


  2. Justin Rao says:

    Now that I’ve been reading your blog since a long time (and ek dum loving it) you should know your ‘Pickle Moments’ posts light up my face and makes me drop allll my work and immediately read the new pickle moment 🙂


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