Wasted weekend : Besharam ( Review)

Justin Rao, I am still waiting to see if you actually liked this movie. And if I find out you did, I WILL disown you!!!

So its been like ages since I have been to a theatre. I have been living off the reviews posted by my blogger friends and finding satisfaction in the same. However, this week I decided I really really needed to go out and watch a movie… any movie… ( little did I know how stupid I was being with this statement). I had the choice of watching the Lunchbox or Besharam. I picked Besharam.

The reason behind was not cause I was trying to be suicidal but cause my stupid hubby had watched it with his friends and I was sulking about it. So, Besharam it was! Now the thing about vizag is that you really can’t just go to the “City” (yeah… we literally live in a village and the malls are in what we call ‘The town’), watch a movie and get back. You better plan an elaborate day around it so that you can justify the 80 km drive (to and fro) and also the ridiculous amount of danger you put yourself in by weaving through the roads of this tiny city. So I booked tickets, made reservations in my fav restaurant and also came up with a forced list of to-do things and shopping.

The Bandh kinda ruined it all and we were stuck in our little village… errr… community. Thankfully the community theatre decided to be nice to us and play the same movie, so we went there to watch it.

It will not be an exaggeration when I tell you that the 1 and a half hour that I spent in that beautiful auditorium were literally the worst in the last whole month!!! 1 and ½ cause I could not bear watching it beyond that duration.

It was torture in its pure form. I know bollywood movies usually have absolutely no logic or sense behind their scripts but this was way beyond senseless. The so called comedy wasn’t even slapstick!!! The songs and dances were… random and ridiculous. And contrary to popular assumption, Ranbir DID NOT pull the movie through. Ok I admit I didn’t see it till the end but whatever I saw did not leave any impression on me regarding his acting prowess. Frankly except for Rockstar I didn’t find him good in any other movie.

This movie was too much like the 80s when the heroine hates the hero and then with one song suddenly falls head over heels for the guy…. Seriously!!! And whats with a song and a dance every 15 minutes? They were not even good enough to be tolerated. Random tunes with random gyrating movements. YUCK!!!

I am sorry but Besharam has been an epic fail for me. With Bombay talkies bolly wood had managed to regain some ground with me but now I will probably never watch another hindi movie in a long long long time…

And now a 1 minute silence for the lost hours on Saturday!!!


6 thoughts on “Wasted weekend : Besharam ( Review)

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Yup… now I know!!! lesson learnt.


  2. Justin Rao says:

    Ahaha, never ever ever ever ever trust TOI’s review! They have a whole package thing! 😉


  3. Sinetheta says:

    Hmm… well I did wait for your review and then read some one’s in times of india… I really want to strangle the guy now!!!


  4. Justin Rao says:

    Haha! I know it from all the reviews I read! And yes, checking out this!


  5. Sinetheta says:

    Glad that I do not have to disown another person. :P.
    Wait a minute… how do you know about the butt crack and other gross stuff… you did watch it… didnt ya??? huh?
    And dude… I told you … the choice was made cause of the whole sulking episode… the marital war of who wins!!!
    But ya, I will watch the movie soon. Check Mrigank’s review of it, quite classy – http://mrigankwarrier.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/the-lunchbox/


  6. Justin Rao says:

    I’ve been saved from your wrath mam! I hated the film ever since its first poster was out. Even if someone sponsores my ticket, I still wouldn’t watch it! I know how the experience would’ve been :-p
    Traveling 80kms and being subjected to Ranbir’s buttcrack and bowel movement jokes isn’t something anyone should go through!
    But, there’s a sweet remedy- Watch Lunchbox. I am still wondering what made you choose tacky shitty Besharam over the subtle and love soaked Lunchbox. Wo zaroor dekho! 🙂


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