Early morning Rant!!!

Dear UNWANTED, UNLOVED and mostly HATED  readers,

The reason you have access to my beautiful life, is cause I still haven’t figured out how to categorically ban you from it. However, take a hint. If I have not called you with my special news… and have decided to keep it a secret from you, it means that you are NOT important to me. I do not owe you anything cause we are NOT friends.

I know, you will still go around blabbering through your enormous pie hole about my news. Let me tell you, I am ok with it. After all your life totally sucks so the only attention you would probably receive is when you gossip about my big news.

Anywho, anyone who has not been personally informed of my life, and has been loitering around this blog only to confirm whether the rumours are true or not, F$CK OFF!!! I maintain a public blog for only friends, family and my loved ones, who actually have a right to talk about me.

If you have any sense or self esteem, you should realize that you are inconsequential to my life and so please stay away. Of course I know that you will go and blabber about it to a million others … So listen, if you do so you are the lowest of form of life on planet earth and ( I know I am not supposed to hate and all that) I hate the fact that I EVER made acquaintance with you!

So dear uninvited readers, DIE!!!


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