Time out…

Ok Give me five minutes where I am not a mom-to-be and I shall share with you few weird thoughts with my adorable readers ( I recently found out that the most unlikely person to keep in touch with me is actually reading my blogs… which is why this whole PDA).

And nobody dare show my mom this post or else I shall deactivate you from my life 😛

So I was thinking, wouldn’t it be damn cool if we could “hear” the baby while it is still inside one’s tummy?

I mean seriously!!! How insanely spooky will it be. Imagine this, I am in a boardroom with all the HODs and some really hot shot client. I proceed to take the centre stage and present my awesomely fabulous idea ( I have GOT TO stop using double adjectives) and then in the middle of my brilliant speech, my tummy starts making noises. No not the hungry grumbling-rumbling types. Actual baby cries!!! And maybe then I would start rocking from side to side while holding my tummy and singing some weird lullaby… right in front of all those people!!!

Hehehe Gosh Somehow I can’t get over the hilarity of such a situation. I mean babies can actually hear your voice so we should be able to hear them as well… right? So imagine how cool it would be if they actually start bawling from inside… hehehehehehe Total OMG moment!

My second weird thought is influenced by all the predator and alien type movies my hubby loves watching. The way my little one twist and turns inside with things visibly poking out, it is really hard to prevent my thoughts to wander in that area. Come on!!! don’t make me spell it out ( My mother is sure to kill me, thank god she cannot censor my thoughts!!!).

So you see… my weird thoughts are as awesome as ever… pregancy- wegnancy can take a hike!

(Secretly I am just glad that these moronic thoughts have occurred to me during my time and not someone else’s. Imagine me telling this to some other mom -to-be… gosh … now that would be scary!!!)


Ok now that I have all “That” out of my system… I am gonna be a model mom from now on 😉


One thought on “Time out…

  1. Justin Rao says:

    Haha! Model? Hehehe awesomely fabulous 😉


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