My precioussssssssss… My pickle!!!

I am slowly starting to understand my mom’s ridiculous obsession with my brother and me.

Pickle hasn’t even stepped out into the world and I am already making lists in my head regarding who gets to touch the baby or not!!! hehehe I know silly na? But imagine this… pickle is literally my flesh and blood… I mean yeah.. there’s the whole “contribution” from hubby dearest… but overall I am the one who’s creating a new human na!!!

It is a wunderrrful feeling… being the one who’s building life within. It is quite overwhelming as well. There are times at night when I wake up and get an anxiety attack thinking maybe my baby bump has decreased. So I rush to my measuring tape to make sure pickle is still there … completely hehehe! So I now know for sure that I am gonna be one of those maniac obsessive mothers 🙂

I often find my thoughts drifting into the whole what-will-pickle-be-like place. And knowing my “evil train of thoughts” tendency, I know for a fact that the thoughts will eventually take a grossly dark turn. So half way through the day dreaming I try thinking of the million things I need to figure out before and after pickle is out. That does the trick by inducing a rather pitiful panic attack which usually ends in me screaming at hubby or crying like a baby (in his absence). Of course food has started cheering me up again. So if I am not day dreaming or having panic attacks, I am busy cooking or eating.

And people think why I am so busy over weekends… huh!!!

Anywho… Pickle is kicking the living daylights out of me regularly and is a happy dappy being (touchwood).

I have begun my countdown… I KNOW there are months to go… but that doesn’t mean I cannot countdown!!! Whateva!!!


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