I am pregnant, not terminally ill… you idiot!!!

I have just ordered this book online. However, I am already in  love with it. If it is anything like the title, I am sure to love it. I know it possibly wouldn’t be as bitchy and crabby as I would want it to be ( I love it when people are mean to others… not so much when I am the “others”), but the title has me floored and reading excerpts from the writers blog confirms that it is a good pick.

Once I finish it I will definitely post my review… till then you guys can go through these.

But seriously, people these days are on two extremes with me. Either they want to flatten themselves on the wall when I pass ( like I am an elephant) or they would pretend to punch my tummy as a “joke”!!! Either they would run around trying to do everything for me ( even walk to the loo to pee for me) or scream at me knowing that I will not be able to reply to them.

So since I am not “normal” these days, various people deal with my so called “abnormality” in different ways. My stupid hormones have found this very period to show their true colours. So whether I don’t find the potato peeler, or the hair clip… or whether people scream at me and call me a bitch for no good reason, I find myself tearing up. My tear ducts are on a total overdrive. And then everyone is like… dont cry, its not good for the baby… Yeah Right… Like it is something I enjoy doing. Why cant they understand the simple fact that either I do it cause I have no control over it or people around it actually trigger it with their ultra mean behaviour.

Anywho, dear mean people, I know your life sucks totally and you are truly jealous of whatever happiness I am able to find, but it does not give you the right to take out your frustration on me. I only hope that you get a life soon so that instead of spending your time worrying about me and my life, you can focus your energy on yours.

So dear people, remember, I do not have a disease, I am actually creating life within, which is nothing short of a miracle. So the next time you want to something nice for me, do it cause you just want to make me comfortable, not cause you feel I am an invalid!!!


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