Did you know?

A few things you ought to know about me ( Of course it is about ME…. DUH!!! when the hell have I ever written about anyone else on MY blog…. like seriously people!!! ).

1. If you have a problem with me… tell me. Complaining to mutual friends and crying behind my back will not sort out anything. It will only make me hate you more.

2. If you actually feel I have treated you badly intentionally and not cause it was just a bad time for me, then you have to finally accept the fact that you mean absolutely NOTHING to me! You are totally dispensable, and although it hurts like hell… deal with it!

3. Stop assuming things about me…( that kinda is true for everyone else too). And stop assuming that I would magically know things about you. Talk, communicate… unless you want to dig a deep black hole and bury our friendship. Remember I am not a mind reader and I would hate it if you were.

4. Stop being a girl ( like even if you are a girl, have some guts). DO NOT cling to me like I am your BFF. Actually Stop expecting me to be your BFF. I have quite a few and I like it that way. Also, I don’t need to be your BFF to love you or care for you.

5. Please stop with your “friendly” advice. I have an overbearing mom, a know it all brother and a genuinely concerned hubby who already have an entire arsenal full of those. So I do not need it from you. And if you knew me, like really knew me, you would know that about me.  So Back off!!!

6. I am not the typical girly types who would love to have that “care” and “affection” from random strangers. So please stop behaving as if you are the only one in the world who cares for me… cause trust me… you are not!

7. Finally stop “trying” to show off that you know me. If you really really knew me, you would know that it irritates me when you make declarations about me which may/may not be true just to show off that you apparently know me better than others.

Of course you will still end up doing something wrong which will make me block you from my friend list on FB or on Gtalk. There’s is no absolute guide to being on my good side. You just need to take your chances and bide your time. However, for now this is more than enough to help you navigate through my mood swings.

Oh, btw, in case you think this is too much work and you rather not have me in your life, please go kick rocks… and DIE!!!


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