Pickle update

I am sure all my readers are anxiously waiting for an update on pickle. Well there’s nothing much to tell you guys except that Pickle is definitely going to become an acrobat, a football player and a juggler of sort… No… seriously!!! God promise!!! Yes, all of those things together…

I mean the way Pickle loves to tumble in the non existent space inside is quite commendable. Now Pickle even responds at times if I poke back ( don’t worry, I am not that mean to keep doing it , I just tried it like once… all the books suggested it… so blame the books not me). Although the books say that Pickle would recognise my voice after birth, hubby dearest is trying his best to bond with Pickle and get him/her to join his side!!! Not happening dearest hubby!!! 😛 After all I have “Ma-ki-mamta” on my side huhuhuhuhahahahaha!!!

On Wednesday Pickle started pummeling me from the inside for the first time and it was not very nice. For one, it was the first time so I kinda freaked out (as usual), and second, it actually hurt dude!!! So keeping up the ritual, I rushed to the hospital and made a ruckus about it. My poor gynae was forced to come back to check on me. After he solemnly pronounced that everything was fine, he requested my hubby to prevent me from these nocturnal visits!!! like DUH!!!

But of course he is a total sweetheart and somehow understands that I do need the space to freak out once in a while. So while Pickle was happily practicing his/her pummeling, I was running around the hospital trying to gulp as much water as I could for the scan. The second half was spent running around for a open loo to do the reverse!!!

I think I will finally write my novel and call it “To pee or not to pee!!!”


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