Pickle moment of the day!!!

Forget Godsmack and GNR, Preeti sagar rules my playlist these days.

Most of the books suggest playing classical music for the unborn child, but they are soooooooooooooo boring. And my kind of music will make Pickle restless ( according to of course mother dearest).

So as a compromise ( the millionth one, dear pickle… hmmmm), I have downloaded all the nursery rhymes we listened to growing up. So these days if you randomly listen to my ipod, you will hear itsy bitsy spider or zelda the zebra.

Yeah smartypants… I know pickle cant really hear them… but will you come down here and convince my mom??? Tell me… will you??? Huh!!! thought so! scaredy poo!!!

I am just glad she can’t hear the conversations I have in my head or they would be the first ones to be censored.

MCB (Mommy censoring board)!!!


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