Dear friends

“This post is just for all those people ( a very tiny number), who claim to know me and are approved “friends” on my list”

If you have finally made the cut of being my friend, it means you have somehow developed the skill set required to tolerate me. Also, if you are one of those few who I have trusted with the Pickle news on a personal basis, you are definitely special. So it is quite obvious that you have known me for a long time… or have handled enough of my tantrums to be considered a long-time- friend.

This means that you are supposed to know me. Forget pickle time, you are supposed to know that I am a ridiculously moody person even without pickle around. That I pretty much have a life long supply of PMS which makes me the mean bitch that I keep boasting about. So please understand… with Pickle around… I am a million times that bitch. I am cranky… all day long… just cause… I am!!! I do not need a reason to be so. ( I never needed it before either).

I am tired, overworked, pissed off, always hungry and always irritated at everyone. The only reason I probably tolerate my hubby cause otherwise there will be no-one to give me a back rub at night… or my mom cause I need to crash at her place soon… rest of the world… I have absolutely no problems in hating you every second of my time. But after all that drama even you guys know that I totally LOWE you!!! If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this. So although I am never ever gonna apologise for my random stupid behaviour, please give me some space to be weird at times. Cause I really need to !!!

Muahhhhh to all you sooper guys who have stuck be me through my black mood swings and moronic tantrums!!!

Pickle loves you too !!! 🙂 ( There I played the senti card)


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