I miss…

What do I miss the most now?

I have never been the boozy types, hate smoking, have been thinking of cutting back on sodas and fried stuff… love fruits…hate late night parties … So I guess the thing that I miss the most is the random dance step I would break into in the middle of doing stuff.   The way I would choreograph a million numbers just in the hope that in some dance party it would play and then I can steal the limelight. The fact that I could never remember so many steps never crossed my mind.

Other than dance I really haven’t given up much… so that’s what I miss the most!!



2 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. Sinetheta says:

    oh well…
    motherhood is all about selflessness they say… I really wonder why ? :PPPPP


  2. Justin Rao says:

    Hahaha! Please keep these interesting bits coming! And mam, quite sure you can still steal the limelight! Ain’t missing much! 😉


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