Whats’ in a name you say???

I have pickle’s name selected since I was in tenth standard. NO, I  am not one of those baby crazy females who would be dreaming of babies since they were one. I read the names in some novel and it stuck with me. So when we finally started planning, I remembered the names and have kept it ready since then.

Now I know, both the parents are supposed to “decide” upon a name and all that… but knowing how bossy I am, even you guys can imagine how it is gonna go. So anywho… I “informed” Mr Hubby about the chosen names one fine day. And all he said was “hmmm”. When prodded about whether or not he liked the names ( like he actually has a choice to dislike them), he replied in a very diplomatic manner that we should perhaps keep looking to make sure we are not missing out on any better name!!!

In plain words he meant, ” Dude who said you could make this decision on your own? I need to have a say too, so we are gonna look for names together and decide… “together”!!! Huh!!! so much for diplomacy. Well, I told him he could do all the searching he needed cause I had already done my homework. The game-plan’s simple, he will obviously NEVER have the time to look through those Hajjaar names out there… so eventually he will come back to the ones I have ! hehehe ( I can literally feel my horns twitching on my head).

I was sure to stick to this brilliant evil plan of mine when stupid hormones crept in!!! I am now all mushy about the whole thing… feeling bad that my poor overworked hubby wont have the time and will have to accept whatever I have chosen… that too millions of years ago!!! What if there are some awesome new names I am missing out… What if the name doesn’t suit pickle at all… Laden with all these doubts I finally started my search for the perfect name for Pickle.

Do you guys know how many names are out there??? Literally Bajillion!!! There are Hindu names… and irish ones… and then malaysian ones… and then even from alaska… I mean seriously??????????? WHY ON EARTH WOULD THERE BE SO MANY NAMES? Just call the girls ‘eve’, the boys ‘adam’ and enjoy!!!

Anywho, I first thought I would try and be as systematic as possible. So out comes my brilliant Excel sheet, all shiny and new!!! I first start with listing all the sites… and then my favorite names on that site and their meanings/origin etc. This went on for a good 4-5 days before my stupid hormones kicked up again and I ended up one day literally in tears cause I thought my poor Pickle will never have a good name. That all through his/her life people will call him/her “Pickle” and that he/she will never forgive me for being so incompetent about searching a name… a single name which is phonetically beautiful, has a lovely origin and a very unique meaning… like mine!!! ( worst case, I am gonna name pickle Sayantika Jr and call it quits!!! yup even if it is a boy!!!).Trust me after literally losing my sight, scrolling over Bajillion names, I have also started feeling that “Pickle” is a good enough name for the baby. It is uncommon and quite Sassy!!! Hmmm…

For probably the first time in my life, I have wanted to bribe someone else to do this for me. I used to be “that” girl you know… who would do everyone else’s assignment for just a simple chocolate bar of Rs 5. So I finally called upon all the silly people who have stuck around in my life till now and hold the dicey position of being my “friend” and forwarded my request. Three of them just had babies, so they already have a beautiful consideration set. Things are looking up finally!!!

I am just happy that Pickle will be able to lead a life unscathed (due to a silly name). Thanks guys… I really do love you.

So dear readers, start sending in all the Unique and uncommon names you know that have a beautiful meaning and origin.  🙂 Please help a poor, babbling momma-to-be, who’s again close to tears cause she thinks she is already proving to be a horrible mom!!!


2 thoughts on “Whats’ in a name you say???

  1. Sinetheta says:

    I know… hain na… please tell my hubby that…

    It would so cool!!! he/she will love me for it hehehehe


  2. Justin Rao says:

    Haha. Bajillion names may se you will find something purfect! And and and, it would be so good to have middle name – “Awesome”!
    Pickle (tentative) Awesome Ghosh!


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