If …

If Pickle is a boy, I would like to teach him about equality of gender. I will teach him that a girl is his equal and in no way/manner is he ever supposed to treat her differently. I will teach him the difference between being chivalrous and discriminating. I will make sure he understands that a girl deserves his respect as much as any other guy around. He will learn to respect her independence and also her space to make her own decisions. He will be taught that a girl is just like him and barring a few differences, deserves everything that he claims a right to! He will have to get used to a female competitor, classmate, colleague and even a boss. He will learn to realize that although he is from mars and the girl from venus, a “NO” means exactly the same on both planets. He will need to learn that though girls need to feel loved, supported and pampered at times, it DOES NOT mean that she will be lost without him.


If Pickle is a girl, she will have to learn that molly coddling is not in my dictionary. She will have to learn to stand up for herself come whatever. She will learn to preserve her identity in the face of competition and negative thoughts. She will not only be taught to have her own opinion but also follow her heart. I will teach her to believe that she is the same as any boy and should never use her gender as an excuse for anything. She will be encouraged to struggle through life as a boy and create her own place in the society. She will have to learn that there will be no concessions from our or the society’s side just because she is a girl. She will learn to take pride in her gender and fight for her rights when required. She will be taught to be strong enough to maintain her space even though she loves being pampered and loved by a guy. She will learn to be strong in the absence of a guy cause no one in the world should be as important as her own identity, independence and space!!!


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