Conversations with Pickle!!!

It is mostly during the weekends that pickle is the most active. Actually pickle is active any day of the week, but I have the luxury of talking to pickle and feeling the strong kicks mostly over the weekends when I have the time to laze around more than on a normal day. Now that I have conquered my reservations about talking to the baby bump at the risk of seeming completely cuckoo… Here’s an excerpt from our awesome conversation.


Me: Haan Pickle pie… I am right here… what is up sweetheart ?


Me : Haan baby… I know you are there… and pickle loves mamma hain na baby?

==== radio silence====

Me : Pickle loves dadda also.. hain na?

Vigorous and Multiple kicks!!! (:P)

Me :  Is pickle hungry?


Me : Does pickle want yumm yumm ice cream?.


Me : Ok… I’ll take the silence as a Yes (!!!)


Me : Alright fine!!! I will eat an apple.


While I am listening to pink floyd :


Me : ahhh you like this song… dont you pickle ?


I played Preeti Sagar’s jack and jill and pickle goes



Pickle is turning out to be quite a good baby (damn!!! how do I spoil pickle now????)

Anywho… I am just glad that pickle is actually making all those movements. Now that my tummy moves too, it is so much fun. We both are patiently waiting for hubby dearest to be back and indulge us a little!!!

PS: Ma thinks I maybe carrying a boy… any bets??? (Again : although I would be happy with a boy or a girl, I really wish it were a girl baby :P)




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