First Scare

Day before yesterday Pickle gave me quite a scare by not kicking me at all throughout the day. Since I was preoccupied with work and my food during the day, I barely noticed. It was only after dinner that I realised the absence of Pickle’s kicks. Before I could visit my panic land and have a ball of a time freaking out about it, I fell asleep. However, like clockwork I woke up at 2 am for my pee and mid night snack( just to clarify, I pee and then raid my fridge for a “healthy” snack).

Well that is when the panic struck me. I resorted to the age old trick and along with a tall glass of chilled water, I popped in two orange candies, all the while willing pickle to move a little. When there was hardly any fluttering even after an hour, I started to get worried. Just as I was thinking of calling up my dad, I decided to google it ( DUH!!!). What came as a huge relief was that it was a oft discussed topic on many of the forums. Their reasoning that the baby must have shifted positions gave me a huge relief. And around 4 when I was trying to sleep for the remaining hour before my alarm clock took over my life, pickle kicked me hard… and I haven’t felt happiness of that sort… ever…

Anywho… to-be mommies…although I know having googlitis can be the root cause of many worries, but it also helps in weird situations when you dont have anyone to talk to!!! Just make sure you have a grip on the stuff that could freak you out!


2 thoughts on “First Scare

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Ha ha ha…
    Oh in that case I have had a slip disc, brain tumor and a rare blood cell disease!!!


  2. Justin Rao says:

    I once had sore throat, did some googling and LOL’ed for 30 mins when I was “informed” that I had throat cancer!
    Google I tell you!


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