People, trust me… being pregnant is serious hard work. I mean imagine the body actually working overtime to create a whole human being… one with all the functional body parts and also the ridiculous human like quirks!

If you thought the first trimester made you feel tired, you would declare yourself dead by the time you are nearing your second trimester. Every fraction of every nano second of my day and night I feel like I’m literally dragging a freight train and will just collapse at any moment. I am not sleepy but I just cant keep my eyes open for more than 5 minutes at a stretch. My yawns have been starting yawning marathons across the office floor. All I want to do is snuggle up with my teddy ( yessss I have a teddy… sue me!!!) and go to sleep. However, when I try to do that, I am mighty uncomfortable cause I have to sleep on my side and I hate it. also, the temperature keeps varying and I am either too cold or too hot. So  I pretty much spend the 8 hours of my beauty sleep tossing and turning along with throwing and retrieving my covers.

There are times when my feet or hands ache so much that I simply sit there staring at them and willing them to just drop!!! My back of course has become its own person and has its own list of complaints. I have started waddling (as hubby dearest puts it) and it takes me an eternity to get up from my favorite bean bag. I can now, surprisingly, sit in the same spot for hours without lifting a single finger or moving a single muscle on my face.

I swear, I am so tired every moment of the day that it feels like atlas has handed over his task to me and I am walking or sitting around with the entire world on my poor shoulders. Anywho, I have taken a HB count test just to make sure I haven’t turned anaemic. Somehow I am hoping that is the reason for my ridiculous exhaustion… at least that way, I will have a solution for it.



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