Its alive and kicking!!!

                            At the risk of sounding admiringly dumb and ridiculous ignorant, I will accept that it is only in the past week or so that I have finally realized that there is a live being inside my tummy. Don’t get me wrong guys… I am sooper maternal and have been talking to my non-existent baby bump since  pickle was barely a tangled and mangled collection of cells. And around my 20th week when I finally realized the butterfly-in-tummy feeling is actually pickle, I was overjoyed. However till recently, it almost felt like some bug that I had swallowed and who was comfortably living in my tummy ( I know I sound ridiculous… but stop laughing… its gross to make fun of pregnant ladies… with our waddling and big bumps and pregnancy brains!!!!). So as I was stating, it was all quite surreal. I mean the feeling could have easily been some cockroach or lizard I had managed to swallow whole and alive. Right ???

(A note to pickle : Sweetie pie… you are not a cockroach or a lizard. Your mom just has too many silly hormones in her system and her brains are slowly turning into mush… you are an amazing cutie pie – human baby!!!)

Anywho, sometime last week when I felt the kicks ( and they are getting stronger by the day), I felt something different (NO I didn’t think the lizard is a mutant and would have probably grown a stronger leg!!!!). And as the to-be-baby-daddy also felt the kicks, we fell in love all over again with the whole miracle of it all!!! Although, the concept of baby-in-my-tummy was quite clear, it suddenly became real. We could picture pickle with the little hands and legs and the whole thumping around in my uterus.

In my solitary moments, I cant help smiling at the whole new life that I am creating. Pickle is literally my flesh and blood. No wonder my mom is so offensively possessive and protective about us. Books tell me that my voice is the one that pickle will start recognizing and after birth it would latch on to me with the memory of my voice. With the bump now visible, it is much easier and less silly to talk and sing to pickle.

So this week’s assignment to myself is

–          Start singing to pickle ( imagine there will yet another fan of my bathroom-singing-voice )

–          Start baby journal : I plan to start writing to pickle ( hubby’s idea)

–          Decide on the one song we both would love to sing and train pickle (hehehe … according to some books, babies can recognize songs and feel comforted with it)

Happy baby talking to me!!!



4 thoughts on “Its alive and kicking!!!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    awwwww 😦 I will still keep trying hehehe with all kinds of bribes 🙂


  2. Jess says:

    Oh totally! But somehow grandma has a magic unchallenged lol. Maybe it’s the visits and spoilings lol!


  3. Sinetheta says:

    Thanks 🙂 well I am hoping it is true so that he/she is in my team by default hehehe


  4. Jess says:

    Aww so cute! Babies love the sound of their mamas voices. Congratulations!


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