Hunger Pangs in 2nd Trimester

I love eating… and cooking too. And since I have never EVER bothered about how I look or how many kgs I put on, I have been very liberal with my fried stuff and my mayonnaise and of course my tubs of ice creams. I do manage to balance the nutritious food over the week so that I can totally binge on grossly unhealthy stuff over the weekend.

But with pickle around, I have literally become a walking-talking-encyclopedia of nutrition facts. Luckily I have had no silly or unhealthy cravings and I have also managed to give up on my fried snacks. So now I binge of fruits of all kinds. I make sure that my meal contains enough protein to feed a whole army and try to balance the calcium and the iron. My shopping lists have made a complete turn around from “chicken nuggets, thumsup, chocolates, lays, aloo bhujia” to “apples, milk, yoghurt, dates, raisins and almond”. I have started including spinach and even fishes into my diet willingly.

My parents are of course loving this. For the 17 years that I stayed with them, they have tried their very best to force down healthy stuff down my throat and I had bravely resisted all that. Even after I left home for studies and my job, they continued to give me their well intentional advice about what to and what not to eat. I still have my dad’s letters to me in college where he has reprimanded my poor and choosy eating habits and also encouraged me to start eating healthy… but obviously I never listened to him. After marriage I did improve a little considering that I had to prepare my own meals but with my hubby in cahoots, we still managed to eat a hell load of junk.

Well sadly those days are behind us. And if the quality wasn’t enough, I have to struggle with the quantity as well. In a normal scenario, my metabolism rate is sky high, so I have to keep sending in food parcels to my tummy almost every 2 hours. Top this beautiful condition with pregnancy and you get at least 6 different tiffin boxes to carry to office every day. So I end up waking up before dawn to make lunch, cut fruits and also make healthy snacks to feed pickle 🙂

Phew!!! Now I am hungry again. So apart from peeing every five minutes (cause I have to keep drinking water), I now have to stuff my face with fruits and all the snacks I have made. Cause if I don’t eat, I turn into the meanest bitch you can ever find on planet earth… ok fine… I am ALREADY the meanest bitch you can find anywhere… now imagine me without food in my tummy and you will learn to fear what I mean!!! Thanks to pickle I can always attribute my gluttony to me being pregnant and all that !

So – Chomp chomp – long…!!!


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