Mutton Biriyani

I have been toying with the idea of making biriyani at home for quite a while now. However we would either drive down to the city for our weekend meals or mom would serve something awesome. For the last few months my newly acquired twin sister ms-lazy-bones has been dragging me down every single moment of the weekend, so I simply avoided the topic. Also, I am kinda proud of my cooking skills… OK FINE!!! I am insanely PROUD and obsessed with my sooper dooper cooking skills ( I secretly believe I am a better cook than my mom, that’s like a masterchef USA and a Masterchef Australia trophy rolled into one). And I have always believed that biriyani recipes are long, cumbersome and very technical to be tried at home. So the fear of actually producing a above average First time dish kinda held me back from experimenting much on this front ( although my hubby dearest keeps reminding that my first  tries usually are awesome #selftrumpetblowing).

So Last saturday, I finally decided to step into my awesome cooking shoes and prepare mutton biriyani. I did the usual ground work of researching through a million recipes till I could form one of my own. Then I sent my hubby shopping for all the ingredients I would need. Comfortingly enough, my kitchen had almost all the ingredients except for the shahi jeera and the basmati rice!!!

I have jotted down the whole thing in steps. I started taking pictures but forgot about them somewhere in the middle (Apologies for that). Also, I have not put down any measurements cause I dont quite work with any ( yup I am that awesome).

Overall I was surprised and quite happy with the result. It was exactly the kind of biriyani I would like to dig into over the weekends.

All that you would need :

Basic Ingredients:

Mutton pieces

Basmati rice

For Marination:


Ginger Garlic Paste

Kashmiri Mirch Powder

Turmeric Powder


For Gravy to Fry Mutton:


Mint Leaves

Coriander Leaves

Green Chillies

Lemon Juice

Garam Masala

Mutton Masala (Optional)


For Boiling Rice :

Shahi Jeera( Even the normal one will do)


Green cardamom

Cinnamon Sticks




For Garnishing:


Finely chopped mint coriander

Mint leaves

Saffron threads in warm milk

Thinly sliced Onions, deep fried.


( This is exactly how I did it, you can improvise according to your convenience)

7 am :

–          Wash the mutton

–          Add curd, Kashmiri chilli powder, ginger garlic paste turmeric

–          Keep this marinated mutton in fridge or outside ( if outside weather is cool)

–          Wash basmati chawal ( take the usual measure for your family + a little extra)

–          Immerse the rice completely in excess water ( any measure)

–          Whatever measures you take, remember, you will need a big vessel at the very end to give dum to it. so take appropriate measure

6 pm:

–          Heat oil in a kadai

–          Add the sliced onion

–          On high flame, deep fry till crispy brown

–          Take care not to burn it

–          Take it out and keep it separately.


–          In a cooker, heat a little oil

–          Add the marinated mutton, mix well and boil for 15-20 minutes.

–          In the blender, put curd, coriander and mint leaves and as many green chillies as you like

–          Blend nicely till you get a nice paste (the thickness is according to the amount of curd you add, I added a whole cup of curd. So the blended mixture was runny)


–          Drain the basmati rice and keep aside

–          Take a big vessel, I used my kadai

–          Add water, jeera, cinnamon, clove, pepper, bayleaf , salt and boil ( water is the measure for the rice you have taken + 1 glass)


–          When the water starts boiling, add the drained basmati rice in it.

–          Let it boil for 2-3 minutes.

–          The rice should be boiled only ¾

–          Drain the rice and keep aside

–          Take a kadai, add oil and heat it

–          Add the curd mixture and fry

–          Add lemon juice and salt

–          Add masalas – mutton masala or garam masalas and fry

–          As the oil separates, add the boiled button.

–          The boiled mutton will have a lot of curry, add if you want the mutton to be in gravy, or only add the mutton pieces ( keep the curry for further steps)

–          Fry nicely till oil starts to separate.

–          Do not cover or boil ( remember the mutton has already been boiled nicely by now)


–          Add the saffron to a little warm milk and stir till you get the yellow colour

–          In a big vessel

–          Add little curry (from the boiled mutton)

–          Add mutton pieces

–          Spread the rice on top of it

–          Again add mutton pieces

–          Spread rice

–          Continue this till you finish all mutton and rice.

–          The topmost layer should be of rice

–          Sprinkle the saffron milk mixture on the top

–          Pour some ghee on top too

–          Spread the fried onions

–          Spread the chopped mint and coriander leaves.

–          If you want, pour a little curry in between the layers. ( If you prefer the biriyani dry, DO NOT do this)

–          Close the vessel with a cover and seal it with atta

–          Keep the flame on sim for 15-20 minutes

Open only when you want to serve


Try it out… and let me know if it worked as well as it did for me 🙂

Bon Appetit!!!


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