Love for lists.

I am a total sucker for lists. I love making and revising lists for all kinds of occasions and then I love following them to the T and crossing out stuff. I have lists for household chores, for day to day office work, for weekends, for the topics I need to blog about or the ones that I need to talk to my hubby about. I have a books-to-buy and another one for reading.

With Pickle on the way, I now have a whole new topic for my lists. So ma has asked me not to buy ANYTHING for Pickle before the grand introduction into the world. Being the impatient types who-needs-to-do-everything-right-now, I do have trouble keeping up with this stupid restriction. However I have found relief in my “Lists” for pickle.

So now I surf the net looking awesome stuff for the coming times. I have separate sheets on an excel workbook for pretty much all ages till Pickle just about starts going to college!!! ( Now my love and obsession with excel sheets is simply another topic that I will yap about later). So my excel is colour coded, segregated by ages and marked with priorities and types. If that wasn’t enough, I printed out the whole damn thing just to poke it under hubby’s nose, cause he would never get around to reading it otherwise.

I am pretty sure the list will stay cosily on my laptop forever without anyone ever bothering to go through it when the actual shopping is being done. But at least it helps me feel in control of something.

Right now its sunday evening, and I am pretty much out of interesting things to-do on my list, hence this awfully unnecessary and boring post. Now that you have actually sat through and read the whole thing… who’s the sucker ???

😉 so long!!!


2 thoughts on “Love for lists.

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Ah … a Fellow list lover… thank you. 🙂


  2. Jess says:

    It’s not boring, posts about lists are always interesting 😉


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