To my little poochi poo ( my brother… who’s not a pug!!!)

In the last 25 years of my life, the number of atrocities I have dealt out to my brother are simply horrible to recount. I have pinched him and scratched him … and if his hair is missing in patches, that is my contribution too.

I have woken him up in the middle of the night by pinching only to tell him that his toe was on my side of the bed. I have locked him in dark rooms and stopped the lift midway to blackmail him for silly things. I have sulked on every single birthday of his till I too was given all the gifts he got. I have grown my nails just to make sure I could do enough damage to him. I have used the “girl” card a million times just so that he was punished instead of me. It is not that he hasn’t taken his revenge… but he is like 4 years younger… so I still won.

And if the physical abuse wasn’t enough, I have managed to excel in every field in school and left shoes of a size too big for him to ever fill out. Moronic people kept comparing him to me which not only made him stubborn but also made him hate me. ( thank you for your help dearest incompetent teachers).

But over the years, we have only grown to respect the individuals we have turned into. We are poles apart in pretty much every aspect of our lives. I am ridiculously stubborn and he’s a push-over. I will die of shame if I am not half an hour early for every appointment and he will probably start getting ready at that time. I love good food… and his order at every restaurant, be it leopolds or oberoi, is chicken biriyani. Every single bone, muscle and blood vessel in his body is lazy as hell and I can’t stop working even in my sleep. I love to stay home with a book and chocolate whereas he has to be OUT no matter what. If you think I am talkative… he is million times me…. He is a total momma’s boy and I am daddy’s little princess. He will take a million hours to get ready and I take hardly 5 minutes to slip into anything that doesn’t smell. He is selfless and helpful whereas you couldn’t find anyone who’s more selfish than I am. He is technically challenged… well so am I but I am still better.

After I left home for college, we both realized the important roles we have played in each others lives. He has always been my sounding board and me his punching bag and vice versa. We now talk about grown up stuff. He shares his love life details and I give him unwanted gyaan. I crib about my life and he tells me I deserve it. He tells me his fear and I laugh at them. I tell him about my hopes and dreams and he certifies that I am totally bonkers.

At the end of the day, I still yearn to call him up just to shout at him and he still calls me up to irritate the hell out of me. If that’s not true love … what is. In spite of our differences and ridiculous disagreements, I know for a fact that when the sun goes down and I start to mumble unintelligent stuff to random strangers… he will still be around to push my buttons and make me miserable!

Riksie…. I LOWE you… so please buy me something nice 🙂 oh … Happy Rakhi sweetie pie 🙂


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