A lost angel…

Looks are deceptive : an adage which stands true for pretty much everyone around. But when it comes to my dear friend Vikrant, it misses a step.

Vikrant was this tall, handsome looking guy with a naughty yet charming smile. On a first glance, you would think he would be this know-it-all-arrogant-macho kinda guy who would just be a total snob with everyone… you couldn’t be more wrong!!!

Although he seemed a little shy at first, he could make you feel at home as soon as you spoke to him. He exuded a warmth and a sense of belonging. Although a typical “hatta katta” person of a brilliant height, he was a gentle person. He would never ever make fun of you or hurt you intentionally.

Bhaiya – is what we all fondly called him. Although he loved me as his little sis, he hated that I called him bhaiya in front of others… He used to say… it makes him sound like an universal bhai!!!. The fondest memory that I have of him is of him feeding me food cause I was unwell. Come rain or shine, bhaiya was a beautiful and ever smiling presence in all our lives. In times of need and sorrow we would seek him out to burden him with our troubles and were never ever disappointed. We knew for sure that he would always be there for us… our own bhaiya!!! 

But I guess god had a higher purpose planned out for him.  He was too good for this ridiculous world and I sincerely believe he is still his charming and happy self… wherever he is. RIP Bhaiya.

Although true, this whole thing feels so weird and untrue…. after all I just spoke to him a few days back and we joked about totally random stuff under the sun. I took his address cause as usual I wanted to send him a Rakhi… and also gave him a strict reminder of my birthday… It is plain painful to think I will never hear that sonorous laughter of his at every crackpot joke I cracked… or his fond way of calling me gudiya… Thanks bhaiya… for being in our lives and proving that good people still exist around us.


We love you so very much!!! RIP.


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