To all the jobless morons out there!!!

Dear Moronic, Jobless, Tattler,

This post is to reconfirm the fact that it is MY personal blog… About my PERSONAL stuff. That may include bitching about people I know or wouldn’t like to know, raving about how awesome I am and about my zillion experiences in this mad mad mad world.

Please try and get it into your pea sized non-existent brain that I do not give a flying rat’s ass about you since you are NOT my family or someone I would refer to as a Friend. You are probably just a figment of my hyperactive imagination or someone I met in passing(but have no recollection whatsoever). Either ways, I do not care about you enough to spend my precious time blogging about your ridiculous and wasteful existence on this planet.

I love myself and am a narcissistic of the highest order… so trust me… when I say these posts are all about me, either about my awesomeness or about the weirdness that I tend to sometimes… they truly are!!! Stop humoring yourself and believing even for a fraction of a nano second that I would even dream of spending time and energy writing about you. You are NOTHING to me.

Of course I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you have no life of your own. I feel sorry that you have to sit through your day reading my blog (out of every other blog) . I am sorry that you have so much time on your hand and no work that you have to kill time by making up fantasies from my blog. I am sorry that in your sad and depressing life… my blog is the only thing that sparks your imagination and makes you feel like a homo sapien.

Overall… I do feel sorry for you… but you still mean NOTHING to me.. . so stop lying to yourself that I would write anything about you. You are a nobody!!! Deal with it. And the next time you want to crib about my blog… grow a pair and write to me directly… you spineless, moronic, non-existent slimy ball of puke!!!


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