Random updates on Pickle

– Pickle has recently discovered my bladder and tends to use it as a personal training ground. Currently pickle is training for triathlon!!!

– Tiny kicks are being felt and enjoyed. Of course tank gets bored while waiting for them

– My appetite has returned and weekends are the worst when I eat only cause I can… not cause I need!!! ( Note to self : Need to stop overeating)

– Since the baby bump has become visible by now, I am enjoying the attentions and privileges of it. ( No more standing in lines… 😛 non-pregnant ladies can go kick rocks)

(note to self : I have got to find a better phrase!!!)

–  My mom is hell bent upon making me read religious texts… ( so much so that she is willing to recite it over the phone daily)

I keep telling her it doesnt work… I mean she did it while carrying me… and Look at me!!! I love black… I can’t speak a sentence without 5 bleeps in it… and I just CANT walk like a girl…EVA!!!! So it wont help what I read

– She has even banned me from watching thrillers and horror stuff… blehhhhh I still watch… hoping pickle would be all fearless and strong !!!

– I still have no cravings whatsoever… in fact I cant eat anything cold anymore… weird huh?

– First time in life… I am tracking my weight… and it is so much more satisfactory… cause I get to celebrate when I put on a few more.

– I officially apologize to every guy I have ever judged for their weird sleeping capability and pattern. Karma is definitely an irritating pest when it comes back to bite you in the ass…. These days I am so terribly sleepy that I only dream of beds and soft pillows

– Apparently pickle can hear me so I plan to start reading to pickle. The only problem is that I do not have any kiddy book other than probably harry potter. And even that classifies as “horror” according to ma!!!

– And if you haven’t noticed it yet… I am trying to control my beautiful un-parliamentary language in the vague hope that pickle’s first words will not need to be covered by a “bleep”!!!


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