Not enough time…

There are those days when you would happily laze around on your bed for the whole day without a freaking care in the world and then there are those when you wake up with your “freak” on and no matter what you do the whole day, it continues to freak the living daylights out of you!!!

Today is definitely such a day. For some weird reason or the teeny weeny one in my tummy, I had a sleepless night. After tossing and turning for nearly the whole night I promptly woke up at 4 with a whole new agenda. It suddenly dawned on me that there is like a shit load of stuff to be done before the new member makes an appearance and that I would soon be out of commission.

My maid kinda faced the full fledged brunt of it as I gave her task after task to finish. And she wasn’t even done with half of it when I left home. Hmmphhh!!! evening wasted now! And now I am freaking out on the million other things I was supposed to get started this weekend. Four books need to be reviewed, three movies need to be made fun of! My entire house has at least 5 open books which are nowhere nearing their last chapters. Then there’s the whole crochet handicraft shop idea that was supposed to be started this weekend. And the chocolate in my fridge which was supposed to be turned into a mousse!!!

And if this wasn’t enough, there is like a million other things that I would want to do.

– Read the bajillion (thanks to old spice ad for this awesome word) nice blogs that I have only seen in the passing

– Watch parenthood episodes, which have been sitting impatiently in my laptop

– Clean my cupboard

– Get my medical papers in order before the next check up

– Talk to friends ( especially the ones whose calls I rejected stating that I would get back to them immediately)

– Get my photo albums in order

– Revise my ipod’s playlist

– Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I give up… too much to do… I wanna snuggle up in blankie with bon-bon and sleep!!! blah!!!!


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