Random mail #223

I just received this mail from Dr. Batras in my inbox …

( Judgy people… no… my hair is awesome and I have never been to dr Batras. It is just a spam mail I keep getting. Maybe they want me to donate some of my beautiful hair. Thank god for this post, I finally managed to unsubscribe)

The subject line reads, “Is your hair comb filled with your own hairs?”

Seriously? Hairs??? Million years of grammar and that’s the best you can come up with.

Secondly… your own??? No dear Dr Batras, my comb is filled with my neighbour’s hair. I have absolutely no idea why she has the need to use my comb but maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have been using hers.

Thank you for your ever growing concern (as opposed to my ever diminishing hair), I shall love to avail your services, if… and only if you guarantee that I will be able to see only my hair in my hair comb !!!

These are the total vella times when I wish like hell for the reply option to work on these mails!



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