Of Shuffles and Nanos…

I hate when this happens…

Both my ipods ( a regular shuffle and a tiny shuffle) suddenly conspired to ditch me and stop working. One wouldn’t charge and the other wont increase its volume. So after careful consideration of my ever decreasing bank balance and the “Need” and “Want” list I decided that an iPod was a definitely a “need” buy considering the dependence of my sanity on music.

So I spend like 3 hours getting excited about it, 3 more trying to arrange my money between my loan and other commitments , 2 hours trying to convince myself of the “Need” so that I do not feel guilty of the purchase and almost 5 hours researching the iPod nano. ( Dear boss, all through this time, I was multi-tasking and working really really hard at all the works assigned to me).  Once all decided, I get home with a skip in my step (which is pretty much like an elephant’s in my condition), and announce to whoever would care to lend me their ears that I am gonna buy the iPod nano!!!

I can’t stop talking about its awesomeness… I sing and breathe of nano till I fall asleep and dream about it. And then this morning, just to taunt my old iPod, I try to operate it, and Voila!!! it actually Works…. I hate you old iPod!!! I so hate you… :pppppppppffffffftttttt!!!!



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