Boy or a Girl

You know how some people are dead sure about what they want? Like a boy or a girl…? Well I do not have such a preference. Not cause I am all selfless and cause I ONLY want a healthy happy baby… but cause I am a selfish mommy and I am not able to decide which gender will love me more than my hubby 😛

See if its a Girl, she will most certainly and automatically become daddy’s little princess. So there goes my share of attention ( yeah I am that weird… and not at all suitable to be a mom yet). If its a boy, I will make him a total mumma’s boy but that would mean that I would turn jealous and possessive about him even after his marriage and ruin some poor girls life (:P).

So Its not that I am being all nice and pious when I tell you that I just want a happy and healthy baby. It is just that I am too selfish to decide on any gender. Of course that hasnt prevented the million nincompoops around me from “guessing” which one I am carrying!!!

Anywho… the mystery shall be revealed soon.

So in case the cutie pie ends up reading mom’s precious blog… let this post be a record… that I was NOT at all worried about the gender of the baby… just that it should be “happy” and “healthy” 😉


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