I wonder…

The room now feels small to me

The nooks and corners overflow with emotions unexpressed

The air feels heavier with the words unspoken

The sunshine streaming has a weird faded quality…

My room now feels smaller and cluttered.


A marriage is made up of as much togetherness as individual space. But where does one draw the line. Who speaks up and indicates that the personal spaces have started encroaching on the togetherness. What do you do when you realize that the meaningful silences have stopped speaking to you? Something within dies when words have to be weighed before they are conveyed. The moment you hesitate before sharing your feelings, is the moment when the magic dies.

What do you do when the air feels heavier with sighs of words unspoken and emotions unexpressed? What defines togetherness when personal spaces are all that remains?

The room now feels suffocating

The sighs grow deeper and start echoing in the empty space

The open spaces now start choking you

The air feels too menacing and treacherous to breathe in…

The room now feels like enemy territory


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