Weird People

Even in my non-pregnant state I tend to abhor people. So imagine how I would react to other homo sapiens while hormones race through my body and nausea and constipation play their own dirty games!!!

To top it, I meet only interfering nosy bodies who have absolutely no relation to me but still end up torturing me with their queries. The most irritating question comes from those females who have had to give up their lucrative careers because of their child or the ones who never managed to find any job in this godforsaken place. The moment they come to know that I am expecting, they assume that I would have quit my job to sit at home and wait for the baby to arrive!!! Not just that, they even offer up lame excuses for their fake concern – “too much travel isnt good”, ” you should rest a lot in this time”, “sitting for long hours is not advisable” or the dumb excuse of “computers are bad for you”. They might have giggled on their mobiles throughout the 9 months but 8 hours of computer work where my system is on a desk far away from me will apparently be very “harmful”.

Then of course there are the ones who will give you numerous advice…. unsolicited obviously. When to wake up, what to wear, what not to eat, where to look ARGGHH!!! Dude… Do I ever.. like EVER tell you what to do? No… cause I am just not interested in your boring lives. So why cant you just return the favour and be as disinterested in my life as I am in yours???

The ones who start deducting the gender of the baby based on my physical appearance are not harmful… just irritating.

Did your hair come out quickly after waxing? its a girl!

You are carrying too high… its a boy!

Do you feel like eating sweets… Then it definitely a girl!

You are looking so gorgeous (like I was ugly before), it is for sure… a boy!!!

Seriously? I have half a mind to open a betting register and then collecting from the ones who make a wrong guesstimate!

The superstitious ones used to be irritating… but now they are plain Funny!

Do not face east when you wake up ( I hardly know where is the floor when I wake up, forget east!)

Do not wear new clothes after 5th month (Right, just when I stop fitting into my old clothes)

Do not eat too much curd, your baby will not have any hair.

Do not leave home after sunset!!!


I knew people were irritating… I am after all an excellent example of that trait. But I never expected them all to have a PHD in the art of irritating me during this time… And I need to be extra sweet at this time, so that pickle doesn’t get affected due to my sourly bitter mood vibes!

Good luck to me!


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