The right time

15 May 2013

When is the right time for making some space for a new member of your family? In the days of our parents there was no such “time”.  Things happened when they did and people just went with the flow. These days it is different (unless you are blessed with a happy accident). With full time jobs, careers and the other pressures of life around, we tend to take things into our own hands.

I happened to spend the first whole year of my marriage away from hubby since I was still studying. So when we finally got together and started settling in to a married life pattern, we just were too selfish to share the space with anyone. Last year I finally heard my biological clock ticking and realized that it was the right time to invest some time and energy into making a new life.

The decision was a difficult one. We went through the motions of making lists… marking pros and cons… filling sheets of budgets… arguing about everything under the sun. Trust me, it is not a easy decisions. I would love to envy those couples who never have to decide since mama stork kind of makes that decision for them. However, knowing the immense amount of emotional, physical and financial pressure one needs to face to make space for a tiny human being, I thank the gods for blessing us with the brains of taking proper precautions and planning it all.

Once the decision was taken, there was no stepping back. Since most of the work was to be done by me, I ploughed deep into all kinds of research.

For those of you, who have finally decided to take the leap, research… a lot. Not to scare yourselves but to be prepared for it. People will tell you to stop reading or Googling but I believe it is a good way of keeping ourselves updated. Just don’t freak out. And try and get things confirmed with your gynae if you have any doubts.

A few things I did

–          Went off the pill : Every site will tell you to get atleast 3-4 regular cycles after going off the pill before actively starting to plan

–          Gynae visit : In case you are above 26-27, get a medical done. Just the usual. In my case it was a little extensive since I was already 28.

–          Research : get your hands and eyes on all and every material around. Ovulation charts, BBT and all that jing-bang!

–          Give up stuff : I was never a smoker or drinker so I only had to give up aerated drinks. Being a die hard fan of the cola, it was very difficult. I also tried to get my calcium and iron through my meals. Started eating healthy.

–          De-stress : I took up yoga and light exercise to get rid of the day’s stress. A healthy mind is more necessary than a healthy body.

–          I also started taking 5mg of folic acid. This was a good advice from a friend who had just had her baby.

The preparation for it makes you more confident of your decision and also helps the baby once you conceive.


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