The pink line

20 May 2013

You know how people say that their intuition usually kicks in when something good or bad is about to happen? Well it wasn’t the case with me. Maybe my intuition is non-existent or maybe I was way too busy avoiding it. But I never saw it coming.

In retrospect I now see all the signs – by end march I had completely lost my appetite, I started feeling drowsy by the time Mr Sun decided to sign off and zits of all sizes kept appearing all over my face! Anyway, it was almost 4 days past my date that I realized I was late. Since I was having 34-40 day long cycles, I was still not sure whether or not to start jumping up and down.

By 14th April, I knew I just had to take a test. So I bought two, just to be completely sure. I took the first test in the afternoon. The faint pink line made me turn to Google “false positive”. After almost a hour I decided to hold onto my horses and wait for the morning’s first pee (as suggested). The only good part, only at that time, was that hubby was away, so I didn’t raise anyone else’s hope.

That night I barely slept. I woke up at 3 and decided to take the test, then figured that it will not make sense. So instead I drank loads of water and hoped for the best. I lay in the bed till 5 and then finally took the test. A faint “pink” line has never given me so much joy as it did that day. But being the cautious person, I still decided to wait till the doctor did some tests.

I hadn’t had the time to look for another gynae till then and so had to return to my irritating one (lesson : please get a very good gynae with good bedside manners). As expected she totally rubbished my claim and said the test wouldn’t confirm my conception until it was at least ten days after my expected period date. Although I hated her pessimism, I still relented and prepared myself for a long long long wait till that weekend.

Meanwhile my nausea had kicked in full time. Apart from being nauseous I totally lost my appetite. Forget eating, even the smell of food made me puke my guts out. Anywho, after a LONG wait, I finally took the test and it was still pink… relieved I took my first appointment with another Gynae.

I don’t know what I will feel when our baby finally pops out… but the faint pink line definitely gave me one of the best moments of my life.


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