The art and science of it all

18 May 2013

Some doctors are really good, they will explain stuff to you and guide you through the whole process. But if you are unlucky enough to have a gynae like mine, you will end up doing it all on your own. She just gave me a bleak picture of how couples need to try for at least a whole year before they seek intervention from any doctor. So I just got depressed and decided to get a new gynae!!!

Also this part is something I had to do on my own. Hubby’s job keeps him away for long periods and taxing him with the technicality of the whole thing was not such a good idea. But I did talk to him to keep him involved in the whole process.

The amount of research I did on ovulation and cervical mucus was not just staggering but also disgusting in the beginning. Studying BBT charts and trying to understand the whole game was as frustrating and silly, cause at the end of each article the author suddenly remembered to mention that it was not really that great a method to predict ovulation. I also managed to download 5 apps to predict ovulation and finally found one which I was comfortable with.

I also spent hours online and in the local medical shops trying to get hold of a Basal thermometer and ovulation strips. Didn’t find either since both the online and offline stores were suddenly out of stock. It almost felt like the whole world was making a baby and I had to wait in line.

Jan was the time when the active trying needed to begin but I could never figure out ovulation. Feb too passed by in the whole trying to understand the science of it. It was almost end Feb (way after my supposed ovulation period) when I finally got my hands on a Basal thermometer. Yayee!!!

So every morning when my alarm rang at four, I would take my temp and note it down. Squinting at the thermometer with my barely open eyes in the dim light of the mobile was really not fun. I also used to fall asleep while waiting the prescribed 5 minutes with the thermometer under my arm pits! My controlling and over organized nature finally kicked into a high gear as I filled in charts, filled in details in the app… took my supplements and ordered my hubby around.

As a young couple, the idea of mandatory intercourse on a regular basis seems like an awesome idea. But trust me within weeks; the act becomes yet another routine motion of your day to day activity. The sense of romance and intimacy soon dies amidst the reminder tones and quick looks at the clock. You will end up being frustrated, irritated and plain sad at times. Months of rigorous timed intercourse will definitely do that to you!

The only solution is to keep calm ( a great advice but terribly difficult to follow). Also keep reminding yourself that everything happens at the correct time. And if it hasn’t happened yet, its only cause it is not the correct time.


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