Swipe smuggler

Heard of human smugglers? They are the ones who would help illegal immigrants to travel to their “illegal” destinations for a cost.

Introducing to you all, the office version of that person. Lets call him the Swipe smuggler. The main function of the Swipe smuggler (SS) is to help people abscond from office for more than the stipulated time during a regular working day. It is quite uncanny how even new recruits are able to find the SS in a day’s time.The SS usually swipes, lets the person leave and then swipes back. Also, on the return journey, the person discreetly gives a missed call to the SS who repeats the entire sequence. So technically on the biometric system, the person has absolutely no loss of time, and the SS too ends up with just 4 swipes.

Why they do it? Simply cause they are the ultra needy kinds who want everyone to love them. So they are more than happy to the wrong thing just to make sure everyone loves them. Since there is no monetary gain from this part time profession, it is safe to assume that the gratitude displayed by the absconding person feeds into SS’s emotional needs and complexes. They are so needy that at times they will get ready to even sacrifice their time just to make sure that someone is happy with them. Of course on his end, the SS usually has a strong friendship with the group D staff whose biometric records mean nothing. So when SS needs to abscond, they simply order the group D staff around to their advantage.

The SS usually poses to be the source of huge irritation to sincere and punctual people like me who have never tailgated. It might lead to a lot of disappointment in the general system of things and the helplessness is quite torturous.  Anywho, next time you need to go meet you boyfriend for 2-3 hours or if you want to sit outside in the sun simply cause its hot, call the SS to your rescue!!!


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