Stop Talking to me

Why would you want to talk to me?

Doesn’t my body language and the distinct tilt of my almost non existent nose clearly shout out – “I hate you, stay away”???

Nope it isn’t you sweetheart. You are like a ball of furry love (:P). Your screeching nasal voice is the sweetest melody after anything that AR Rehman has created.

But I still hate you, not cause you are the loathsome you!!! But cause I hate everyone.

So STOP!!!

Stop talking, stop interfering, stop gabbing… just STOP!

Stop trying to make small talk. Whether I cook my own lunch or not is absolutely NONE of your Business.

Stop asking me the world’s most irritating questions – I Dont know ANYTHING!!!

Stop making rhetoric observations!!! I have eyes too… and since I have been around longer… I have seen it all!!! done it all!!!

Stop looking at me every time I talk to others. I am NEVER EVER going to include you in my conversations. My conversations are totally MINE.

Stop researching through me!!! Google has been developed for nincompoops like you… USE IT and stay out of my nose!!!

Stop… Just STOP!!!

And if it helps.. fine…. I hate you!!! go DIE!


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