Professional Nit-picker

Being a Business Analyst is damn good fun. You kind of get to boss people around where functional specs are concerned and it gives me a awesome high. Why? DUH!!! Have you met me? I am insanely bossy and a control freak.

The only other job description that is like my dream job, is that of a tester. Cause I LOWWWWWE Nit picking. Ask my husband, he will tell you. He is probably the world’s best husband, literally. and I still manage to find faults with him . If nothing I blame him for not fighting with me!!! I can’t help it, apart from being a woman (who kind of has the nit picking gene in her) I always have it passed to me through generations.

So it was quite natural that I would love the job of a Tester. Not the write-test-scripts-and-test-everything kind but the freaky tester who goes around nosing in the dirtiest or the cleanest corners of the application and comes up with the most weird bugs that can ever exist in the domain of IT Applications. The type who is not just a regular pain in the a$$ of the developers but is a royal pain for even the project manager cause she is always able to prove that the application has a bug!!!

I remember during my stint in my previous company, I actually begged my Project lead to let me get trained as a tester. Not cause I wasn’t able to test, but cause my test results were making the lives of the developers a living hell, so they boycotted me stating that I was a qualified tester. He was amused at my idioticity to say the least, cause apart from development I was already handling pre-sales, marketing and ad-hoc HR responsibilities for my team. And once I was certified, I was more than happy to create havoc for my dev team. Yayee me!!!

Even right now, I was having so much fun bugging people with my bugs, that just after two days of actually requesting me to test the application, my manager was trying to assign me other work so that I would leave his application alone.

So yeah… being a professional nit picker would be my ideal job… !!!



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