15 June 2013

Poop, was the only thing I would think of during the first two weeks of my 4th month.

And what was surprising was the ease I felt while discussing it with random strangers in the doctor’s waiting room! I tried all natural remedies to get rid of the awful constipation. Doctors, being the types who have seen 100 of cases like mine, did not even blink when I told them of my misery. They just nodded and prescribed Isabgol… DUH!!!

Frankly, never in my life have I been so attentive to my motions. I waited every second of the day for some kind of indication. The worst part was the fact that it was making me nauseous of even water. So even though my nausea had finally decided to bid adieu (contrary to people’s warning that it might stay till the 9th month), I was still not able to relax and enjoy my pregnancy.

Thankfully within two weeks things started travelling the proper course as set by nature. The funny side effect of this was that my tummy was bloated up badly and looked like a 6th month belly rather than the 4th month.


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