5 June 2013

For all you ninnies (like me) who have been raised with the “bollywood” notion of pregnancy, let this post be a wake up call.

So bearing a child isn’t about – puking once, imli tasting, ice cream hogging and a happy child’s cry at the end!!! The first trimester’s nausea which is mis-labelled as “Morning sickness” will haunt you through out the day and if you are lucky like me, you might even wake up in the middle of the night just to retch !

I haven’t had it for a whole month and I feel like a whole new person. The nausea kept my mind occupied all through the 3 months of the first trimester. I developed aversion to my beloved non-vegetarian food items and suddenly couldn’t stand the sight of food. I literally had my mom prepare my meals since I couldn’t even drink milk in my house. On top of the continuous and empty retching, I started smelling raw egg everywhere in the house and would end up spending hours trying to either find the source of the smell or a way to remove it!

I, as usual, turned to my BFF mr. Google for answers, cures or some sympathy. Apparently if :

1. It is your first baby

2. If you have motion sickness

3. If you have acidity related issues

4. If you have a fast metabolism rate

5. Or if you have migraine or sinus

you will tend to have a severe bout of nausea than the others.

Well… you must have guessed by now, which of the 5 points I have been blessed with!!!. So with all 5 points in my kitty I kind of gave up and started counting my days one day at a time.

I also tried the whole eating in parts and sipping water rather than gulping it… but trust me nothing helped at all. I could hardly even look at food … so forget eating it 6 times in a day.

Another major drawback of this phase was that I wasn’t able to grasp the whole “being-pregnant” thing. I hardly had the energy to feel happy or overjoyed. My day began in the loo and ended there! I even had an empty bucket bedside to accommodate the sudden urges to hurl during the night. Thankfully I didn’t lose more than .5 kg.

A few good things about this phase

1. I didn’t have to worry much about the baby since I was preoccupied with my angle of hurling most of the time

2. also, the puking reassured me that everything was fine. I remember this one day when my nausea suddenly vanished. I totally freaked out and called up at least 5 people to confirm if it was normal. When finally my misery returned in the next two hours, I actually felt overjoyed.

So all you guys in the first trimester, relax and remember… it will be over soon 🙂


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