About pickle

1 May 2013

So We are finally on the road to inviting yet another member into our family.

This section is going to give you good, bad and some gross deets about this “glorious” journey of becoming a mother and beyond. Initially I had planned to keep this section separately in another blog owing to the ridiculous amount of hatred that I usually spew around in this blog of mine.  But then I was like, what the hell… might as well keep it here and give readers something nice to read once in a while other than my hate posts and utter bitchiness.

Also, we are now referring to teeny weeny baby as ‘Pickle’. I am tempted to lie to you and tell you that I came up with this adorable nick name all by myself and that I am super awesome… but since its my first post on pickle, I would like to contain my exaggeration. It was the author, Yashodhara lal, who insprired me. She has named her kids – Peanut, Pickle and Papad. I thought it was adorable and decided it right then that I would refer to our baby as Peanut, Pickle or Papad.

Around the time when we had confirmed and were finally confident enough to start referring to the baby, there was major confusion. Generally everyone refers to the baby as a ‘he’ but the feminist in me revolted and insisted that we refer to it as a ‘she’. Frankly after a while it just started sounding silly. Then we decided that hubby would refer to it as a he and I would call it a she. Even this division fell through since hubby is usually away a lot so…

Thats when I recollected my vow to call the baby peanut, pickle or papad. Peanut was instantly rejected since it sounds too male :P. Papad gives me gas and acidity… so rejected! Pickle was kind of the best choice since I LOVE pickles.. all kinds. Sadly enough, in this condition I have developed an aversion to it.

So this section will be exclusively for pickle and my experiences. The order of things would be random and might get confusing. So I apologise for that, its just that I will start posting only after my 5th month.

So long!!!


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