Inferno by Dan Brown : A Review

It has been ages since I have posted a review. Not that I haven’t been gulping down books or movies, but simply cause I am lazy!

The reason I ended up buying Inferno was cause it was on a 50 % sale and cause I had genuinely liked Dan Brown’s previous novels. This one, however, was definitely not to my liking.

After The Da vinci Code and the types, I expected a mysterious thriller which would not let me put the book down. Contrary to my expectations, the book turned out to be quite a drag. The story line was good (Nope… not gonna give it away), even the narration was good till a certain point. The things that I didn’t care for :

1. The awfully boring and loonnnnnng explanation and description of various art pieces and places.

2. The total Bollywood style twist in the end

3. The abrupt and incomplete end to the story!

I mean come on… this was supposed to be a thriller… not a history lesson. Also, if you haven’t been to the place, the long winding description of its beautiful corridors and hidden passages will seem … boring. I finished the book only cause I never leave a book unread. But I must confess, it was quite a pain. I kept putting it down. Definitely not something one would expect from Dan Brown.


So in all, I would just give it a 1/5 rating.


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