Authors and social media

Of late, due to the whole intrusion or availability of numerous social media platforms, authors have come a step closer to their readers. As I sit through endless posts by a favorite author of mine I really wonder if this new step is a good thing or bad.

Books and their content were always open to interpretation and never bound to the author’s mindset or thought process. A novel or poem used to be a collection of thoughts the author would pen down and then set free. We would then capture the same and mold them according to our feelings and imagination. It gave us the freedom and the joy of interpretation. Something even movies based on books do not give space for. Which is the main reason why I love reading books. Also, being away from the author and his/her writing process or inspirations gave me complete control over a book and its story.

However, this seems to be changing now. I have at least four authors on my friend list. Most of their posts are about promoting their books and tours and all kinds of awards. All this seems fine… but it somehow diminishes the magic of the story for me when they push so hard for a sale. I know its their bread and butter and everything in today’s world is about numbers… and blah and blah! But I think I preferred a time when these authors remained a name on my book shelf or a reference page on Wiki. I preferred when they did not “explain” why they wrote a certain story a certain way. I preferred the time when I would have felt ecstatic to receive a hand written note from my favorite author.

With FB and goodreads and Twitter, they have started seeming too next doorish… and I do not like it this way. I also have started hating when you interpret their books a certain way and they get all defensive about it. They should learn to let go of their creations and in case they do not like our interpretations, they should just shut themselves in a room and never ever see the light of day!



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