I will not be nice!

Don’t talk to me…

Don’t even try… I will not reply.

Not cause I am depressed or sad. Cause I am simply disappointed. You aren’t that special to hurt me or make me cry. I am disappointed in your indifference towards hard work and sincerity. I am angry cause I thought you appreciated my work.

But now that I know you don’t really care, I will stop caring too. I will not be nice anymore. I will not treat this as my priority any more, cause I’m not your priority. I will never ignore my loved ones just so that I can work like an ass and fill your pockets.

I am enraged cause I actually believed that hard work works better than boot licking. But since that is all you care for and something that I will never ever do, its time to say goodbye to ethics and dedication.

If I don’t deserve what you happily ignored to give me, I don’t think you deserve my contribution. Like the other, I shall now pretend and feign my sincerity. Like others I will now pretend that you are god. Cause somehow ego boosting is now the new job profile.

I will not be nice anymore, cause none of you exist OR matter in my universe. My universe is filled with beautiful people who love me inspite of my flaws. People who appreciate and treasure my dedication and hard work. People who mean to me much more than you!!!

I will not be nice to you anymore, cause from this day forth… you do not exist for me anymore!!!


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