I hate ( so whats new about that???)!!!

I hate over-enthusiastic people.

The total “I-want-to-know-everything” types. These are usually the types who think they are above the others around and hence need to know about everything thats going on. Dude… chill… its been like ONE freaking day on the job. The company has been alive for 500 years… you will learn stuff… slowly. There is no sword hanging on top of your head… so sit back and start slowly. I mean didn’t you hear about what happened to the boy who tried to eat too much too fast?? He DIED!!!


I hate Pretentious people.

These are the “oh-I-love-you-in-front-of-you-but-gonna-bitch-about-you-behind-your-back” types. My question… why the drama? “Brownie points” are imaginary. Also, you cannot buy anything real (or unreal for that matter) with them. So why the phony smile and air kiss? You do not need to say anything… good or bad, Unless it is good that is! Hate someone, just keep quiet. Why pretend. Why going the extra length to prove that you are nice and then going behind her back to stab her. Stop acting dude!!! nobody really cares what you think. And if you think they do, please pull the knife out from your friend’s back and use it to DIE !!!


I hate Phony-busy People

The “I-have-to-run-everywhere-cause-I-am-oh-so-busy” types. Nobody expects you to run even when you have a million deadlines. The run indicates that you are grossly incompetent which is why you are late for everything. Relax. Walk to places. The run-don’t-impress-anyone! Plus your running pace will anyway not have any affect on your missed deadlines cause the clients can’t see you run and won’t be able to appreciate the whole show you are putting up for them. And be careful of too much running around… you may slip and DIE !!!


I hate Nosy-bodies

The “who-why-where-when” types. For every observation they will have a million questions. I would like to request these ridiculously free people to take a moment and ask themselves if the answer to their question will affect them anyway! Then why waste your breath and ask it. You will not act on it or be motivated by it… so why bother people with stupid questions. If you are doing this for your “general knowledge” then you are most jobless person on earth and your existence is a burden on the planet since you are not serving any damn purpose… so go DIE!!!


I hate many more types of people but I think this amount of hatred is enough for this morning. Now that you have read through this post and fulfilled your purpose in life… you too can go and DIE!!!


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