Back again ???

I know I know… I have been absent from my readers for a long time… well if you thought I had work stuff or life stuff to attend to rather than provide entertainment for your free time… you are so wrong… I was just plain bored and lazy and wanted to take a break from gabbing my heart out at silly topics.

I did write almost a million posts in my head… all hilarious and totally awesome… but sadly you would never get to know! Anywho… I will kinda try to be a little regular here. Its just that there is a major change going on in my life right at this moment and I am trying my level best to contain my bitchiness and be a little better than my usual narcissistic  condescending and judgmental self. Doesn’t mean i am not blowing my own trumpet or judging every fat chick wearing shorts… just that I am doing it in my head and giggling away to glory in my spare time…

So that was the “I’m back” post. Have been gobbling up books… so will be able to provide you with some reviews at least… and don’t fret, you will have the regular dose of my bitchiness coming your way too… I am too damn evil to be nice for this long!!!


So long!!!


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