Poor souls…

Imagine, if you may, an illegitimate offspring of a skunk and a Chihuahua. Aha… that’s right. Someone who would spread a foul smell all around, bark like crazy in that irritating voice, have absolutely no balls to face anyone and is an expert in just being oh-so-obnoxious!!!

Too much venom? Well I can’t help being this petty at times. I try to rise above and pretend that it’s all right and bright in my world… but anti social elements that are insecure about themselves find some way to bug me. Why do I let them bug me? Awwww come on I can’t be that mean! These poor souls spend their entire lifetime in plotting and scheming against me. I mean I am so freaking important to their existence that all they can think about is… how to ruin my day. Now in response all this diligent planning and plotting, if I don’t let them get to me… then they will be oh-so-sad! Their entire life will fall apart and they might even contemplate suicide.

So if my irritation and 2-minute-foul-mood makes someone’s existence worthwhile on this earth, I will make that sacrifice and be sad! After all, everyone… even an illegitimate child of a skunk and a Chihuahua deserves to be alive and participate actively in its sorry excuse of a life!


2 thoughts on “Poor souls…

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Thank you!!! I started my day with this comment and I am still trying to duck under my desk to hide my giggles (not that i’m a giggly person… more like loud guffaws!!!)

    “skunhua” is totally awesome. And ya… I have stopped bothering with them. But I do take out my frustration through my posts heheh!!!Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Your post today came right in time. Something very similar, I guess, happened to me yesterday. No, I’m not going to bore you with my story. But the thing is, these illegitimate child of a skunk and a Chihuahua – funny, I like this – think they’re better than the others. These ‘skunhua’ who are there to ruin our days don’t deserve our thoughts, nor our energy. Unfortunately, they have to be dealt with, but you’re right, they are really poor souls and they feel pleasure in destroying and annoying, with an angelic smile on their faces. And, yes, they make us feel bad, sad and sometimes even cry. Now, just think with me, who will be rewarded by their evil deeds? Because here we do, here we pay. And, if I may quote, as Sophia says: “You know, Dante was wrong. Hell is here. We live in a place of woes, of eternal pain and loss,…” These minions ‘skunhua’ try to bug us. It’s in our right and in our inner strength to make them exactly what they are: nothing more than bugs that can be brush aside with a flick.
    Don’t let them bother you! They don’t deserve your good energy!


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