I am Back… B*tches!!!

So just cause I haven’t been providing you some delicious food for thought and those amazingly spicy bitchiness filled delicacies, why would you think I have vanished from this earth???

Well, anywho… I am back. I broke my one rule ( well there are a million rules but come on… doesn’t this sound so cool!!!), I let my work take over my life and did absolutely nothing about it. That and the fact that my health has been up and down the past few months really didn’t help.

However, I read Cristane’s comment on my blog and it inspired me to get back to what I love the most… after my husband… and my future baby… and books…. and chocolates… – Writing. Also, I kinda trusted Justin Rao a bit too much and skipped his review of ‘Go goa gone‘ after he said, “this is the most fun I’ve had at movies recently”. So effectively I skipped the part which explains the Zombie factor of it!!! Duh me!!! I literally dragged my hubby to watch it, cause Justin said it was awesome ( yeah beware, he has a bone to pick with you now!!!). Dragged him away from the star trek movie (which was TOTALLY AHMAZZING by the way).

So I am back to beat the crap out of Justin 😛 and thank all my other readers who kinda missed me.

See ya soon!!!


2 thoughts on “I am Back… B*tches!!!

  1. Sinetheta says:

    Agreed… GGG much better than cocktail. And about gossips… ahem ahem… not public anymore 😉


  2. Justin Rao says:

    YAY you are back!
    So GoGoaGone is the new cocktail for you? 😉 (Though GGG is better than cocktail)

    And please, bring on the office gossips! Cant wait 😉


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