Villains : The bed rock of a society ;)!!!

If everybody did what they were told… if everybody followed the rules that have been set out… and if everybody also chose the right option… there’d hardly be much to live for. Imagine if every one of us was good. What if there were no bad people? Well…if there were no villains… there would be no heroes… no valiant soldiers… no myths or legends… no literature … and definitely no music or movies! We would probably have no concept of religion, law & order, money or even politics. We would also probably die of too much goodness.

Think about it.

If people weren’t massacred, brutalized or biased against, there would be no riveting history texts, no documentaries and definitely no candle light vigils. Mahabharata and Ramayana would have ended on page 1 where the kids would receive what they rightfully deserved. Love stories would never emerge cause Romeo and Juliet would get married and had tiny babies and be all coochie moochie! Nor would the legend of revolutionaries be born as there would really be nothing to revolt against. Our own Indian cinema would be dull and boring without the evil laugh of the bad guy, the cheap dialogues of the hooligans and the sequin dazzled dance numbers of the so called vamp. The paintings would have only bright colored flowers of the blue-blue sky without a trace of black. There would be no great songs as singers will be too good and happy to OD on  drugs or share their pain with us.

Of course it will be the perfect world without bias on any level and no power hungry politicians running amuck. Everybody would be in love with each other and live in a hippie like state for their whole life. But how boring would that be!

Forget the world. Imagine how colourless my life would be if I didn’t keep bumping into ridiculously bad characters. I would be happy… always…! I would not have anything to crib about or cry my heart out at some injustice. I would lose whatever little drama remains in my life. Can you imagine me like that? All smiley and sweet like an angel!!!

So here’s a big thank you to all the morons and the villains in my life. Its not my hubby who makes my world go round… it is you guys! You are the ones who always keep me on my toes for the fear of being pushed around. You are the ones who teach me valuable lessons in life… not the 100 beautiful friends I have. Not my family but you guys are the ones who give me a reason to get up every morning and fight my heart out for the most trivial things. You and not my parents make me the person that I am and that I am proud to be. You make me realize the goodness in me and the others like me. In fact you the sole reason why I can claim to be good. Your utter incompetency and dumbness gives me a reason to smile. Your ridiculous path through life helps me cherish mine. You help me feel superior and accomplished with the minutest of my achievements. You make me awesome in comparison and that so totally rocks!!!

So dear bad guy/gal, thanks… for helping me be ME!!!


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