Am I really ready for this world ?

It is dark everywhere I look. This is the one time when god forgot to open the alternate door. Is he trying to teach me the depth of evil that resides in every inch of this darkness or is this just another of his challenges to see if my existence is worth the trouble or is it just yet another level of the devious game he plays for his personal enjoyment.

I have encountered bad… even torturous, but this is probably the first time I have tried to match wits with evil and lost. I lost not because I don’t have conviction or the strength… I lost cause you need a very special kind of evil force within to face this.

The whole Good Vs Evil where good always triumphs or truth take the trophy home is a myth in today’s day and age. It is a faraway legend kept alive through flimsy fairy tales we use to pacify innocent kids with. The world circumvents the one with the money and power. There is no right or wrong anymore, just the weak and the bully.

I felt proud and quite arrogant when someone said I was honest and straightforward… that I was pure at heart and didn’t know how to play dirty mind/political games.

I was a moron! The need of the hour is not a MBA degree or a work ethic par excellence. You don’t need to be sincere, hardworking or even disciplined. My parents are ashamed too. All they could ever give me are principles… a keen sense of right and wrong and the strength to be honest at all times… however difficult it is.

I blame them for not teaching me how to just pretend to be sincere instead of wasting time and energy in actually being so…. They forgot to teach me how to play political games to move ahead in life. They never taught me the basics of the game “manipulation”!!! how to calculate every step I take and every acquaintance I make. How to  be shrewd and cunning towards everyone…. even your closest friends!

I was taught to be trustworthy and trusting towards everyone I meet. To believe in the goodness that apparently resides in every person. To believe that karma exists and that we all are eventually… what we do!!! What I forgot to learn is how to judge a person. How to recognize the scent of a rotten soul. How to bully others to get my way… and how to torture everyone even if I am a total nincompoop! AND most importantly… How to always… always…. Always be selfish…

I think it is high time when we have board games for “manipulation”. When schools finally introduce the texts of “Being Shrewd for dummies 101” and “Pretending to be sincere” for students. When B schools have simulation games for political game playing in the corporate world rather than markstrat.

Cause for morons like me, such ingenious traits don’t come naturally. We have to memorize the rules and the plays… not to win or to climb the corporate ladder’s rung…. But … to…. Just…. Survive!!!



Disclaimer : This post is a random musing and needs to be interpreted as PURE CREATIVE WRITING. It is my personal “FEELING” with absolutely no bearing to any person/place/incident. Kindly treat it exactly as it is… a piece of creative writing!


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