Trust : Book Review


I won the book “trust” as a goodreads giveaway.
I must admit, I am probably not its target audience. I don’t read sappy love stories. I prefer gruesome murder mysteries and thrillers to such blatant erotica and lovey dovey any day.
However, the story line and characterizations are pretty strong and overall, being totally objective about it, I would say it was a well written and crafted book.
The character sketches of everyone in the book, the flow of the narrative and the background of suspense will prove to be a page turner for those who like romance and erotica.
We have a strong woman who’s turned to putty in the arms of men of charisma. After I read the prologue of the next book, I hope for a change of scenario in this trilogy.
The start of the story was promising. Sophia’s character was sketched perfectly and I was led to believe that she was an extremely strong female who’s smart, intelligent and has a iron will. But when she faced physical abuse and still went back to the guy, I was thoroughly disappointed. And then again, my hopes soared high when on the prologue of the next book we are introduced to her letter breaking up with the guy.
She kinda jumped into the bed with the first guy – and I guess it was because she was widowed for almost 2 years – but takes her own sweet time with the second one trying not to make the same mistake.
As the first male lead was introduced into the story, I realized that this was turning into a sappy love story which ultimately implies that women are easily swayed by hunky men. The introduction of the second lead left no doubts that the story was following the path tread by Fifty shades of Grey. The only relief was that unlike Greys’ storyline, there wasn’t amorous displays on every third page of the book. And on the end of the book, we see a totally different approach from the fifty shades of grey.
That said, I have to admit that in isolation (away from my experience with “Fifty Shades of Grey”), the book does seem to do justice to its characters and storyline. It builds up suspense at the right places and any regular romance reader would definitely be looking forward to the second part.


One thought on “Trust : Book Review

  1. First, Sayantika, I have to say that I’m honored to be read and reviewed by you, an intelligent, impartial and discerning woman as it’s clear stated on your opinion. Thanks for you lovely and thorough review.
    I cannot negate that TRUST is a love story. But as words have power and literature sets examples, I tried to show that women are not so easily led by hunk men. That they can – and should – stand their ground and be themselves. But, unfortunately, a romance is not a thesis and it has to have some twists and turns that sometime leave the readers… hmmm… enraged, annoyed… But I think this is part of the whole explanation that is to come on the other two books.
    Anyway, you grasped that Ethan’s choice was not very well done, because she had been widowed for almost two years. And… sometimes people do mistakes that they will regret…. *naughty grin*
    Again, thanks, and I hope you enjoy the sequel.
    P.S. – If I may leave a small explanation, Sophia didn’t jump in Ethan’s bed quickly and then took her sweet time with Alistair. Maybe I didn’t showed it very well and just told the facts with Ethan and did the inverse with Alistair. She met Ethan in the beginning of October and only jump in his bed on mid January.
    She was involved with Ethan when she met Alistair. Sophia and Alistair start going out after she broke up with Ethan and not wanting to make the same mistake, and not being a frivolous woman that change man as she change clothes, she took her time to know him better before they jump each other bones in mid-March.
    Again thanks for the opportunity.
    If your readers want to connect with me, I’d love to know their opinions and comments. My website is and my FB fan page is TRUST TRILOGY.


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