My love for Drama

I love drama!!! I love being all melodramatic even in my regular life. There are times when I wish music would magically erupt and I could jig around a little in perfect synchronization with the people standing around. I wish there were more dramatic moments in my life where I could weep away to glory. However, there’s hardly any drama in my life. Not that I’m complaining but it is a little drab…

Like, I was never ever biased against in favor of my brother at home, so no sexist upbringing. In fact he was usually beaten up if he tortured me. I was the pampered brat who could-never-do-anything-wrong.

School life was peaceful (read boring). I had friends… there were no enemies around… everybody (including the teachers) loved me. So no bullying… no teasing… The worst thing to happen to me in school was the fact that I was called a bookworm by students of a neighboring school!!! Like total DUH!!!

College was bliss with loads of friends… I did manage to get my heartbroken which I milked for a long time… being all dukhi and rondu about it. It was fun while it lasted but my silly heart got over that too soon and I was once again… without too much drama in life.

Even though I met my hubby in a very filmy manner, there was hardly any drama with our love marriage. Both set  of parents readily agreed… I mean seriously!!! I couldn’t even cry or threaten them with the idea of eloping. There was hardly any wait… so no dooriyans and tanhayee… and in any case the number of communication techs available today make it really easy for long distance relationships… so there was no waiting-with-bated-breath to hear his voice ( I was skyping with him day and night).

The wedding itself was yet another day in our lives. We sat through it all waiting for it to get over so that we could start our lives together. There was no month long preparations (parents probably did all that), no arrangements… no shopping or make up sessions , no meeting the photographers. We both got up, got ready, sat through the rituals and thanked our stars that it was a quick ceremony.

Even my hubby’s so un-dramatic. I mean imagine the pressure I live with! I have to provide ALL the drama in my life… it is exhausting. He never fights… so whenever I chance upon even the minutest fight reason, I have to struggle and blow it completely out of proportion. I whine and cry and beat around the bush. He rarely replies… cause it is pointless.  He helps around the house so readily that I can’t even find points to nag him about. I love cooking so there’s no drama in the kitchen either. I am efficient in so many things ( like boasting and blowing my own trumpet) that there has never been any drama about it!

–          I didn’t have to give up my male friends for my hubby…

–          I didn’t have to change my name…

–          I didn’t have to quit working…

–          I have all his support and help for all the household chores…

I mean come on!!!

So the only drama I come by is by living vicariously through my friends and books, gossips and random rubbish posts like this…

And Scene!!!!


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